Writing, Editing, Communications

Words are my work, my play, my passion and the basis for everything I do, whether it’s building tone of voice and content for a startup, writing lifestyle features and profiles, or creating newsletters and blogs. In the end killer content comes down to the words.

I love digital but still find print exciting – and I love banging out a great headline almost as much as I love banging heads to come up with fabulous ideas. Making words sing is what gets me out of bed in the morning. Working with great projects and teams keeps me carrying on throughout the day.

What I do:
• Write sharp, original, and compelling copy
• Create and drive editorial direction, UX, SEO, and strategy
• Brainstorm ideas to create engaging content that draws
• Pull together creative teams in order to serve needs of various clients. In other words: management
• Magazines, blogs, websites, newsletters, photos, video, B2B & B2C, social media
• Bonus round: I also do voiceovers

Get in touch: judilembke@gmail.com