Swedish Christmas Dinner – Julbord!

Swedish Christmas Dinner – Radio Sweden

Looking to prepare the ultimate Swedish Christmas Dinner?  Here’s everything you’ll need – some traditional, some beyond traditional, and all delightful. Enjoy!

Here is a list of absolutes for the Christmas table or julbord.  Many add other things to the table, but these are said to be essential (although we believe you should add or subtract according to your taste).

Links to all the recipes below at the bottom of the page.

Please note, you can also share your experiences about Swedish Christmas dinner, or ask questions about the holiday season in this country, at the bottom of the page, as comments (”kommentera”).



Pig’s Foot-in gelé
Spare Ribs-served with apple sauce
Smoked reindeer

Boiled potatoes (peeled)-a tip from Mormor and her helper:  After the potatoes are fully cooked, drain the water and leave them in the pan with a paper towel or two covering them and the lid on top. The towels will absorb the steam and the potatoes will not fall apart.

Cheese-Edam from Holland, a hard cheese with a red plastic wrapping.  You can add several more cheeses, having a mixture of soft and hard, strong and mild.

Sillsallad-served with whipped cream
Baked Omelet-with chanterelle mushrooms or spinach

At the end of the meal, you serve rice pudding with sugar, cinnamon and milk.  Hide one blanched almond in the pudding and the person who gets the almonds will marry the following year.  A Småland tradition is to also hid one brown bean.  The person who gets the bean will never marry.


Mumma-can be made with or without alchohol
Dark Christmas Ale
Snaps-to drink with the sill

Julmust-a special ‘soda’ in the shops at Christmas-time.  It is pure happiness for any child who gets a bottle for him or herself.


Christmas Eve, the 24th of December, is when Swedes exchange gifts and enjoy the main Christmas meal.  You nibble from the sweet table while handing out presents or singing Christmas carols.

Ginger Bread
Saffron Bread
Nuts in their shell-walnuts are a must
Fresh fruit
Large raisins-in a special paper box.

Recipes at the link

Swedish Radio

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