Photographer Andreas Ackerup

Website for well-known Swedish photographer Andreas Ackerup. Here’s a snippet:


The images you see in Photos are organised in a timeline, beginning with the
most recent.
Representing a mix of advertising, editorial, and personal pictures, I have chosen to present my work in this way because my personal passion often helps drive my advertising and editorial work in new ways – and vice versa. So this, in a way, is a more democratic way to view my work in its entirety.
Self Portraits

I began taking Self Portraits 1998 whilst still an assistant to Mikael Jansson. During that time we worked a great deal, leaving little time for me to pursue outside and personal projects. Still, I had a great need to work on some sort of project and decided that self-portraiture would not only fulfil that desire, but it would also be interesting to observe my own aging process.
I started taking one picture of myself each day over a period of 6 months. Six months quickly became one year, one year became 5 years, and after 10 years my friend and colleague Henrik Nygren suggested we collaborate on a book and an exhibition. The result was both a book and an exhibition, which included all 10 years of self-portraiture, 3650 pictures.
I continue to take my ‘daily picture’, and upload the new images as soon as they are available.

Andreas Ackerup

Written by Judi Lembke

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