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Meet Arne – one of our most frequent flyers

If you think you travel a lot you might just be surprised by what it really means to be a frequent flyer.

Arne Yngvesson

Navn: Arne Yngvesson
Alder: 63
Familie: Samboer med Irene Collin, en datter på 24 år
Yrke: Lead Commodity Manager hos Siemens
Hjemsted: Stranninge, på vestkysten av Sverige
Antall reisedøgn per år: 26 forretningsreiser og 5 fritidsreiser / 124 reisedøgn i 2014
Medlem siden: 1992
Medlemskapsnivå: EuroBonus Gull på livstid

38 years after his first SAS flight, on June 29, 1976, Arne Yngvesson joined a rather exclusive club. He completed his 1,000th SAS trip on March 2 of this year. That’s right: his one thousandth trip.

Tell us about your very first SAS flight.
My first flight was supposed to be on an SAS 747, but that flight got cancelled so I flew instead on a normal DC9 from Gothenburg to Copenhagen, with my eventual destination being Tehran.

Do you travel more for business or for pleasure?
In the beginning it was mostly business flights, but with the introduction of SAS EuroBonus in 1992 I started taking more pleasure trips. These days most of my vacations are taken with SAS, even when I don’t use EuroBonus points.

What are the benefits of flying with SAS and being a EuroBonus member?
The most important thing is access to lounges worldwide with Star Alliance. They’re the perfect place for working through emails and business contacts, and they all have a relaxing atmosphere with food and drinks. The second most important thing is the Fast Track system, which means avoiding long queues at security checkpoints.

What are some of your favorite places to travel with SAS?
Intercontinentally it was always Singapore for me, although these days it’s more New York or Washington. Within Europe I love Stockholm for the art exhibitions, theater, opera, and musical weekends, Munich for ski vacations, and if it’s for business I like Zurich. For an extended weekend I love Istanbul.

What makes you choose SAS?
Over the years it’s been the most punctual airline, it’s the most reliable, and it has excellent service.

Do you think you’ll hit 2,000 trips at some point?
No, I’m 63 and nearing retirement, so work trips will be coming to an end, although I will continue to travel for pleasure. But remember, while I’ve now taken 1,000 trips with SAS, I’ve actually flown 2,080 times if we count every time I stepped on an SAS or Star Alliance aircraft for connections and transfers. So I’m sort of already there.

Text: Judi Lembke

Scandinavian Traveler

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