Travel While You’re Young

Travel While You’re Young

With airlines putting a renewed focus on the under-26 passenger – or, as SAS likes to call them, Future Travelers – young people are going to be spoiled for choice when it comes to seeing the world.SAS Innovation Manager Emil Wargelius says flying these days is more affordable than ever, and most of the time it is superior to taking the train or driving.

“This is especially true for our EuroBonus members younger than 26, who enjoy a large range of discounted tickets,” Wargelius says. “Younger passengers grew up with flying as a natural part of their lives, but it’s not just that: Young travelers are our future travelers. We want them to discover early on the benefits of flying with SAS and of being a loyal customer. It’s a lot more than just going from A to B or finding cheap tickets. We are building mutually beneficial loyalty into the future.”

Wargelius says young people who become members of SAS’s EuroBonus program will quickly see the benefits of that mutual loyalty.

Young people travel further and spend more than any other group, over $200 billion a year!

“EuroBonus is not just about earning and burning points,” he says. “Partner offers are one of the big benefits with EuroBonus, and we are actively working with external partners to develop offerings that particularly appeal to the under 26 crowd.”

SAS is wooing their Future Travelers with a major digital transformation, including improved social media channels.

“Email is not a great way of communicating with our younger travelers – they just don’t read them,” Wargelius says. “It’s more convenient and faster to communicate via social media, so we are building a long-term vision in this area which will help us communicate more effectively.”

The SAS app, which allows not just youth travelers but all travelers to create their entire travel experience via a smartphone or tablet, is another area undergoing transformation. From booking flights and hotels to checking in and retrieving mobile boarding passes, everything can be done via your smartphone – and this offering is only going to expand in the future.


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