Mark your calendar for September!

There are always lots of things to do when traveling, and it can be difficult to narrow down your choices. We’ve done the hard work for you with some great ideas for September.

New season at San Francisco’s Opera House, September 11

The new season at San Francisco’s stunning Opera House kicks off with Luisa Miller and Ukrainian baritone Vitaliy Bilyy making his Company debut. If that’s not enough, Stephen Sondheim’s Sweeney Todd premiers the following night.

War Memorial Opera House

The 37th Chicago Jazz Festival, September 3–6

Chicago boasts a musical history like few other cities, and the 37th Chicago Jazz Festival highlights the diversity of jazz that came to flower in the city, with acts such as José James and the Bobby Lewis Sextet.

Various venues

San Francisco Fringe Festival, September 11-16

San Francisco has always had an edge, and it’s on full display during the annual Fringe Festival, where comedy meets pathos, and everyone has something to say in their own unique way.

Various venues

Pyronale fireworks championship, September 4–5

Berlin’s annual Pyronale fireworks championship is not your ordinary competition. Teams from around the globe put on out-of-this-world displays, including freestyle and set programs. The audience can vote too!


Venice’s annual Historic Regatta

Venice’s annual Historic Regatta

Regata Storica, September 5-6

Venice’s annual Historic Regatta, Regata Storica, mixes history and pageantry with good old-fashioned rowing. Gather on the Grand Canal for the incredible water pageant that kicks off the event, then stick around for what can only be termed The Flying Gondolas.

Aberdeen’s 12-acre Highland Games’, September 5

More than 20,000 people descend upon Aberdeen’s 12-acre Highland Games’ site each year to enjoy caber-tossing, hammer-throwing, stone-putting, and myriad other rugged events, with a backdrop that includes dancing, pipers and a children’s sack race. The Braemar Gathering has been going for some 900 years.

Aberdeen City

Budapest’s National Gallop, September 18–20

Budapest’s National Gallop not only celebrates traditional Hussar traditions and horseback riding, it also includes a major cultural festival, where you can taste local delicacies (we’re talking meat!) and sample local wines. Be sure to catch the spectacular Gallop Promenade.

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