Best ice cream palaces in the capitals of Scandinavia

Scandinavians eat more ice cream than most of the world’s nations. This means plenty of places to satisfy your cold cravings when visiting any of the three capital cities.


Champagne, anyone?


The mother and son duo behind Fryst use only all-natural ingredients. They continue to introduce new and often unusual flavors on a regular basis, including cardamom, rhubarb and champagne.

Kungsholmstrand 167

Lip-smackingly good

The name says it all: 18 Smaker (18 flavors). Prepare for your taste buds to start singing as you make your way through the selection. The flavors change with the season though licorice – a Stockholm favorite – always seems to be available.

18 Smaker
Hornsgatan 64

Eco ice

Stikkinikki has become a staple for those who love authentic, ecological gelato. A wide array of toppings, “eco-sodas”, and ice cream floats round out the constantly changing menu. Don’t miss their pistachio – some say it’s the best in the city.

Götgatan 46, 
Drottninggatan 90B

Did you know? Finns eat the most ice cream in Europe.

Did you know? Finns eat the most ice cream in Europe.


La Dolce Vita

While technically a café, Dolcevita is usually described as a taste of Italy in the north – and that has a lot to do with the homemade ice cream. Aficionados give both the pistachio and dark chocolate extremely high marks.

Prinsens gate 22

Intimate ice

A cozy little shop that draws a crowd on even the coolest of days, Paradis Geletaria offers great views across the water to go with the wide range of flavors, which include pink grapefruit and butter-finger. You can also try the gelato balls.

Paradis Gelateria

Seek and you shall find

Tucked away at the back of a coffee shop, Iskrembaren at Håndverkeren does ice cream the old fashioned way: hot fudge sundaes, banana splits and malted milkshakes. Somewhat irregular hours mean you’ll feel like you hit the jackpot if you manage to catch them when they’re open.

Kongens gate 17


Sicilian ice

Fancy a sea buckthorn? Or zuppa inglese pistachio? Or maybe coconut and blood orange? You’ll find all these and many more flavors at this classic Italian gelateria. Don’t miss out on the ice cream-filled brioche.

Siciliansk Is

Waffling around

Known for inventing the Danish ice cream bar and for serving chocolate marshmallow-drenched ice cream in homemade waffle cones bigger than a bread basket, Lydolph’s is a Copenhagen – and Danish – classic.

Strandvejen 167

Turn back time

While the ice cream at Ismageriet has Italian flair, what really makes it shine is the dedication of the owner: Danish fruit, imported Italian nuts, and specially produced chocolate from France. All served up in a 50s ambience.

Kongelundsvej 116

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