6 Apps that help you do good

Doing good gets easier every day. Thanks to a plethora of “good apps,” contributing to your favorite cause is as simple as a swipe of your finger. Giving’s never been this easy.


Uses corporate sponsorship to support charities worldwide. For every mile you run, 25 cents is donated to the charity of your choice, while every mile you bike means 15 cents is donated.


Charity Storm

This Swedish startup has raised nearly SKr2 million for 354 nonprofits on its two platforms: one for charities, the other for schools, associations, and projects. Users can set up individual fundraising pages and connect through social media.



JustGive has sent more than $400 million to tens of thousands of charities worldwide. Donations can be made directly, through gift schemes or through fundraising.



Matches professionals with nonprofits in need of particular services. Volunteers donate time and professional skills, with more than 30,000 currently active. Supports around 2,500 nonprofits and social enterprises.



Focused on developing countries, GlobalGiving has raised almost $180 million since 2002, supporting more than 12,000 nonprofits and social enterprises worldwide, giving funds directly to those in need.



Budge allows users to “create a budge,” or challenge, for friends and family. This could be anything from a pie-eating contest to a crossfit challenge. If you win, they pay to your charity; if they win, you pay. The real winners, of course, are the charities.


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