Profile: Celine Aagaard

Award-winning fashion blogger Celine Aagaard won’t be held inside a box. She wants to explore the entire world of creativity.

Over the course of nearly two decades, Oslo-born Celine Aagaard has forged an impressive career in fashion and journalism. However, her first loves were art and photography, as she grew up surrounded by creativity. Her bohemian parents regularly took Celine and her brother to art exhibitions, and the family home reflected her father’s work as a photographer.
“I wanted to be a journalist and a photographer, even when I was still at school,” Aagaard says. “When I was 15 I got my first photo published in Aftenposten. My shot of the Rolling Stones was also published.”
That love of journalism led her to Topp magazine, where she covered the music scene and traveled the globe to interview music stars. When the magazine went through a redesign, Aagaard got her chance to work in fashion.
“I wasn’t hugely interested in fashion as a kid, but I didn’t like that everyone at my school wore a sort of uniform: Docksiders and Lacoste shirts,” she says. “So when I was styling my first fashion spreads for Topp, I didn’t want to do just aspirational looks for young people.”
She put together edgier spreads, which gained her a lot of attention.
“That’s where my fashion journalism career really took off,” she says. “Eventually I started STYLEmag and became editor-in-chief of both that magazine and its sister publication, STYLEinterior. The fashion blog was the result of a research project. I was writing a profile about fashion bloggers and decided to start my own.”

The impact of fashion blogging has grown

From 2009 through early 2015, Aagaard ran the award-winning fashion blog “Hippie, hippie – milkshake.” It was a reflection of this woman of contradictions: a hippie at heart who loves a monochromatic wardrobe.
“As a journalist, I wanted it to have more substance and reflect how I feel about fashion.”
As fashion magazines have lost some of their influence, the impact of fashion blogging has grown. Bloggers live in the digital sphere, so they can get key pieces online immediately after they’re shown. They can also style unique photo shoots and bring them to globally diverse audiences much quicker than the monthlies.

‘Lately my office has been open ­until 3 or 4 in the morning’. Photo: Jeton Kacaniku

‘Lately my office has been open ­until 3 or 4 in the morning’. Photo: Jeton Kacaniku

Now things are changing in the blogging world.
“More and more bloggers are doing product placement, so it’s no longer just about their personal style and vision,” Aagaard says. “You wouldn’t believe how many offers I get each day and how much stuff I get sent to me. But I always send them back. [Accepting gifts] can hurt your credibility and it’s not something I’m interested in doing.”What Aagaard is interested in doing is continuing to grow creatively. Among other successful design collaborations Aagaard has already designed two silk scarves for Norwegian label Holzweiler and a pair of white leather shoes for Italian Superga. She also works as a brand consultant, photographer, social media adviser, stylist, and author.
“I love creativity and I love new projects,” she says. “I like to keep busy.”
Her two latest projects are Fashion Forecast and the new digital platform of which she is both founder and creative director.
Envelope aims to be a new and different voice on the scene, covering not just fashion and street style, but also travel, lifestyle, beauty, people, and food.
“Envelope gives me the opportunity to use a lot of my different skills and pursue the things that interest me,” Aagaard says. “I’ve been lucky to get to travel around the world for my work since I started in this business. This fall, I traveled to 10 cities in a month and a half.
“I don’t get much sleep during Fashion Week because when you work on digital platforms you have to update continually,” she says. “Lately, my office has been ‘open’ until 3 or 4 in the morning.  When I traveled to Paris, I wrote a trend report during the flight. To spend your time right is the key. Also, as a mother, prioritizing what to spend my time on is more important than ever.”
One of the three books Aagaard has published is a travel guide of sorts about London.
“London is one of my favorite cities, and because I’ve spent so much time there I feel confident telling the reader the best places to get a glass of pink champagne, a piece of chocolate cake, or where to find the best markets or boutiques.”

‘I wasn’t hugely ­interested in ­fashion as a kid, but I didn’t like that everyone at my school wore Docksiders and ­Lacoste shirts’. Photo: Jeton Kacaniku

‘I wasn’t hugely ­interested in ­fashion as a kid, but I didn’t like that everyone at my school wore Docksiders and ­Lacoste shirts’. Photo: Jeton Kacaniku

As her portfolio expands, Aagaard will continue to work deep in the heart of fashion. She thinks fashion should be fun and should reflect an individual’s personal style. Aagaard says no one looks good wearing head-to-toe labels straight off the runway – you have to know what the latest trends are and then incorporate them into your own look.
“Everyone says it but it’s true: Try things out, don’t be afraid, and find what works for you,” she says. “Sometimes the most fashionable person in the room is the one wearing their favorite old trousers and a great sweater, because they feel good about themselves. If you feel good about yourself you’ll look great.”
Her own look has changed over the years, and Aagaard admits she made a lot of embarrassing fashion mistakes along the way.
“When I was a kid, my mother wore black all the time and I said I’d never wear black. She told me to see what happens when I grow up – and now that I’ve grown up I do tend to stick to monochrome,” Aagaard says with a laugh.
Moms know best.

Celine Aagard

Age: 39
Family: Partner, son, mother, father, brother
Lives: Oslo, Norway
Career: Fashion writer, editor, and blogger; photographer; stylist; brand and social media consultant; designer; entrepreneur. Founder and editor in chief of STYLEmag, STYLE­interior, Hippie, hippie – milkshake, Fashion Forecast. Author of three books: The Story of Miley Cyrus; The Story of Rihanna; The London Guide

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