Chocolate delight: five amazing chocolate museums

5 amazing chocolate museums

Dark chocolate, bittersweet chocolate, milk chocolate, unsweetened chocolate, white chocolate… so many varieties and so little time to try them all. But take heart – if you’re a chocolate connoisseur you can visit a chocolate museum and start nibbling your way to happiness.

Csokolade Muzeum, Budapest

Housed in a renovated palace, Budapest’s Chocolate Museum offers tours, tastings, and plenty of free samples. You’ll also get the chance to make your own chocolate bar.

Bekecs Utca 22


De Chocoladefabriek, Amsterdam

Crawl through giant chocolate­making machines, learn about the amazing variety of cocoa beans, take the Magical Elevator or pour your own chocolate drink from the enormous chocolate fountain. Charlie Bucket would be proud.

Nieuwendammerdijk 183


The Chocolate Museum, London

Tucked away just around the corner from Brixton’s High Street, you’ll find two floors filled with artifacts detailing the history of chocolate, and a café and workshops. Yum!

187 Ferndale Road, Brixton


Museu de la Xocolata, Barcelona

Fun for the whole family, the Museu de la Xocolata will not just give you a comprehensive history of chocolate, it will also show you how it’s made. Be a master chocolatier for a day.

Carrer del Comerç 36


Schoko Museum, Vienna

Create art from chocolate while enjoying a sweet buffet and some sparkling wine. That will keep the adults busy while the kids enjoy tours, a chocolate cinema, and the chance to make their own chocolate.

Willendorfergasse 2–8


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