Old-new sports back on the radar

Roller Derby and other new-old sports making a come back

Roller Derby is back! But instead of the more theatrical sport your granny might have tried back in the 1970s, today the focus is firmly placed on fierce competition.

Gone are the days when Roller Derby was about young women zooming around the rink in tiny satin shorts while performing fake punches and overly dramatic falls. Since beginning its underground comeback a few years ago, Roller Derby has been all about high performance and fierce competition.Tess Pettersson, aka ‘Tessmanian D,” is team captain for Luleå Roller Derby. “Roller Derby today is about strong, athletic women who give 110%,” she says. “We’re working hard to get accepted as a legit sport. When people come to a match they realize that we’re ‘real athletes’ competing in a tough sport.”

Some other sports making a come back

POP Tennis

Photo: poptennis.com

Photo: poptennis.com

Played on a softer and slightly smaller court than regular tennis, POP (or paddle) Tennis is basically tennis with reduced wear and tear – and no over­head serves! Lessons are not necessary, and it’s the perfect activity for the whole family to enjoy. Grab your POP Tennis racket and play ball!poptennis.com


Once the domain of trappers and fur traders, snowshoeing has made a big return in recent years, with the “tennis racket on your feet” look giving way to sleek, modern snowshoes. Find some deep snow and carve out your own path.



Perfect for all ages and skill levels, Pickle-ball combines elements of tennis, badminton, and ping-pong, and is played both indoors and outdoors on a badminton-sized court. More than two million people have taken it up, from kids to seniors and everyone in between.



Bossaball has been called “the ultimate mix of soccer, volleyball, and gymnastics topped with an exotic, groovy sauce.” In real terms, this means playing volleyball on a trampoline while in­corporating some sweet soccer moves. It’s even better when played on the beach.

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