About me

Words and ideas are my work, my play, my passion – and they’re the starting point for everything I do. If we aren’t delivering strong words and communication, no matter the medium, then we’re not going to reach our audience.

I write about people, lifestyle, tech, brands – and I also write for them. Whether it’s an eye-catching article, a think piece, or a snappy bit of copy you’re looking for, I bring it home and I do it with style – and often with a sharp sense of humour.

Despite more than two decades of international broadcast, print, and digital experience  I still sit on the fence when it comes to the Oxford comma.

Starting out in radio, I moved into even more radio, then print and digital. Previously I worked with Radio Sweden as a writer, producer, editor, and presenter, along with freelancing for a number of other international broadcast outlets, including YLC and BBC. I now write and edit for a variety of publications, as well as provide content for corporate clients, both B2B and B2C.

Contributing editor at Scandinavian Traveler. Other clients include: Livoos; Baluba/Nice Group; Brown & Hudson, London; Noa Potions AB; The Local; The Swedish Bulletin; Karolinska Institute; Radio Sweden; Swedish Television; Good News Shared; Kid Spot AUS; Projects For Change; Collective Renegade; CC Projects; Future Museum; JG Communications; Koncepteriet/AMF Fastigheter; and Cloud Nine. I also work with film.

Get in touch: judilembke@gmail.com


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