Live music onboard

Put down your phone and forget your favorite playlist – domestic flights in Norway are about to bring music to your ears.

Domestic flyers in Norway are in for a treat during the next 12 months, with some of the country’s biggest up-and-coming acts performing at the airport, in the lounges – and in the air.

Marianne Orderud, Marketing Manager at SAS, says, “True Travelers are big music lovers and this brings our customers a completely unique experience. We’re working with Universal Music to highlight artists that are on their way to becoming household names and who come from all areas of the country.”

Orderud says the sound will be tailored to the space, so in lounges, the atmosphere will be mellow and calm, while in the airport, the sound will be bigger and more bombastic. Up in the air you will be serenaded by some of the finest young voices in the country.

The monthly concerts kicked off on January 26, with hot act Casa Murilo performing on four different flights during the day: Oslo–Trondheim, Trondheim–Bergen, Bergen–Stavanger and Stavanger–Oslo. The band released their new single “High Flyer” on board SAS – the single is from their forthcoming album, which will be released in the fall.

Since releasing their ­brilliantly received first album Lifting Ships in 2011, the two ­Norwegians and two ­Englishmen who make up Casa Murilo have been touring internationally, released ­another album, and helped pioneer the “house party tour” concept, which features artists playing private shows in your living room. This idea fits in perfectly with SAS’s 2016 ­music initiative – and if you’re lucky you’ll be able to one day say “I was there when it ­happened.”


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