Catching and Connecting

As part of an agreement with SAS, Copenhagen Airport will merge international and domestic travel as of March 29, leading to a more streamlined and pleasurable airport experience for both passengers and staff.

With more than 25 million passengers travelling through each year, Copenhagen Airport – known by the airport code CPH – is Scandinavia’s busiest airport. Traditionally, domestic travelers have passed through Terminal 1, but that terminal will be closed at the end of March. After that, all departures and arrivals will be handled at Terminal 3.Lars Wigelstorp Andersen, Head of Public Affairs and Infrastructure in Denmark, says, “The procedures surrounding domestic and international flights have been the same for many years, so it makes sense to pool the two areas, allowing all travelers to pass through the same area.”

There are no airports of CPH’s size and significance using one terminal for all passengers, with no distinction between international and domestic travelers.

“We think this is a great idea, primarily from the customer’s point of view,” he says. “Moving all departures and arrivals from Terminal 1 to Terminal 3 means passengers arriving at the airport by train or subway, who are in the majority, will enter directly into SAS’s check-in area at Terminal 3. This gives passengers better access to SAS Fast Track and SAS lounges, both of which are adjacent to Terminal 3.”

Because aircraft will be parked much closer to one another, the distances between gates will be shorter, making it easier for transfer passengers to connect with domestic flights, and perhaps enjoy a bit of extra time at CPH’s legendary shopping center.

“Overall, this greatly strengthens SAS’s network at CPH, and we’re very pleased with the changes,” Wigelstorp Andersen says.


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