Film Review & Discussion Guide – Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work

joanCaustic, biting, and funny as hell, Joan Rivers is the poster girl for over-the-top plastic surgery and she is still going strong in her 8th decade of life.
JOAN RIVERS: A PIECE OF WORK spends more than a year with the revered comedienne, offering a surprisingly poignant portrait without shying away from the tougher aspects of Joan’s personality. Intercut with stand-up footage and plenty of archival material, the film gets up close and personal, allowing viewers to access the unrelenting drive that’s allowed Joan to rebound from numerous career dips.

Joan’s ‘team,’ along with daughter Melissa, give further insight into what makes Joan tick. Not all of Joan’s relationships run smoothly, and one surprise toward the end of the film reveals how much this warhorse has lost, how much she has gained, and
how she has survived the turbulence of her life.

Ultimately, JOAN RIVERS: A PIECE OF WORK reveals that the great, the good, and even the downright hilarious people are much like you and me. Joan is a complex human being. Even in her 76th year, she is still as full of ideas, hopes, and dreams as she was when first starting out more than half a century ago.

More of the Discussion Guide here


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