How to find the cheapest ticket

When you’re Northern Europe’s biggest airline flying nearly 30 million passengers annually, setting ticket prices is a complex business.

When booking your ticket, you might notice that prices can vary, even for the same flight. Pricing is complex as there are more options available to passengers. In this area, SAS’s Revenue Management has an important role to play.Tobias Jönsson, Vice President of Revenue Management at SAS, says “We set and distribute SAS’s prices. We have millions of combinations to price, while taking into account all the factors affecting demand.”

These factors include when the flight is booked, what class is booked, time of day, time of year, and external forces such as events and expected connecting passengers.

“Take the example of a flight from Stockholm to London on Tuesday at 11am,” says Jönsson. “There might be a big event in London, which means a higher demand for tickets. Then there are different kinds of tickets, and there might be connecting passengers. All of these factors affect price.”

Jönsson continues, “I often get asked what you should do to find the lowest prices. The trick is booking when demand is the lowest, which typically means booking long before departure and selecting midday or late flights in periods outside vacation times.”

He adds that tailoring services to each customer’s individual needs is key. “As we tailor services, we also need to tailor prices, so a tight internal collaboration is crucial.”

A key aspect of customizing services is offering new concepts, such as SAS Go Light, which offers a lower price but no baggage allowance and, of course, launching new destinations.

The way SAS distributes and prices tickets is also changing, which will continue to affect pricing in the coming years. Revenue Management is an important activity in ensuring the transition into the future is smooth and seamless.

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