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As SAS continues to ­invest in the future, its cabin crew is growing. So what does it take to become a part of Scandinavia’s leading airline?

SAS’s recruitment campaign will add 500 new cabin crew members during the coming year, contributing to the airline’s commitment to customer satisfaction. It’s been a while since the airline launched a recruitment drive for new crew members on this scale, so this is an opportunity not just to start a career, but also to build one.

What’s it like being part of the SAS team? Air Purser and Performance Supporter Inger Kristoffersen, who has been with SAS since 1987, says a winning attitude and a positive personality are key.“You’re meeting new passengers and crew members every day – there isn’t one day that is the same,” she says. “It’s a dynamic work environment, and when you’re on board, you focus on making the journey enjoyable for everyone.

“Here in Scandinavia, we value equality, and when we serve and take care of our passengers, we do this at eye level. And now, with all the new SAS destinations and upgrade of our fleet, the work has become even more enjoyable.”

Being part of the cabin crew isn’t a 9-to-5 job. It gives you a lot of freedom but you also work weekends, nights, and holidays, so you must enjoy being on the job when other people are off.

“People say they want to be a flight attendant because they like to travel, and that is something we have in common with our passengers,” Kristoffersen says. “Of course, you love to travel, but when you’re at work you’re at work – it’s the passenger who is traveling.”

Picking up new skills and ­refining old ones is one of the pleasures of the job, and that means joining SAS can be a stepping-stone on your career path, one that begins in the air but can be successfully ­transitioned into roles on the ground.

“Safety and care for our ­customers is always our highest priority, but you juggle a lot of different things. You learn how to work in a team and with different types of passengers, and you’re always answering questions. I’ve been with SAS for 28 years, and I get new questions every day. This is where our team spirit comes in handy. It sounds funny to say we’re a big family – but we really are.”

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