SAS Travel Cash

With the knowledge and experience that comes with being Northern Europe’s number one airline SAS knows what their 3.8 million EuroBonus members need: hassle-free ­access to local currencies, while earning points at the same time.

One of the many reasons SAS remains Northern Europe’s leading airline is its ability to innovate – and the latest innovation is Travel Cash, a new feature to your EuroBonus card. Perfect for both the business and pleasure traveler, Travel Cash is designed to make paying in local currencies easy and convenient, doing away with inflated exchange rates and the headache of trying to convert local currencies.

“When you go abroad today you normally go to the foreign exchange office to buy local currency. This comes with fees and the exchange rates usually aren’t great.

“On top of that you’re carrying cash on you during the whole trip and once you return you might be stuck with excess cash in different currencies. Travel Cash removes all of this hassle, and saves you those extra costs while bringing you super convenience,” says Nils Lindhe, Head of EuroBonus.

Easy and hassle free

Using Travel Cash is easy: you simply transfer money from your bank account, exchange whatever currency you need, and use it as you would a normal payment card. Alternatively, you can go to a local ATM at your destination and withdraw cash. What makes Travel Cash different is that you do all this in the local currency. This means that you know before you leave how much local currency you have, there are no hidden fees, and if you need to replenish your funds while traveling you simply go to the Travel Cash app and upload more.

“You know what you’re spending each step of the way so you avoid surprise charges when you return home.
“And you can pull up the app or go to our website at any time and see what you have left of any of the currencies you’ve loaded on to the card, and if you’re running low, you can load up more via the Travel Cash app,” Lindhe says.

If you don’t use all the money you’ve uploaded you can either save it for your next trip to a particular destination or switch it to another currency.
“If you have Euros left from that trip to Germany and are not traveling in the Eurozone any time soon, but do have a trip planned to London or New York, go to the app and buy pounds or dollars for the Euros you have left,” says Lindhe. “This makes it very easy to keep local currencies on hand when traveling, particularly for the frequent business traveler.”

Travel Cash simplifies

Another bonus for the frequent business traveler is that Travel Cash simplifies expense reports. Since you exchange in advance you know the rate and exactly what you’ve spent in the local currency. This means no more waiting for your monthly credit card statement in order to figure out your expenses, then struggling with exchange rates.
Travel Cash can be used from age 18 and up, so it’s also great for SAS’s youth travelers.

EuroBonus Project Manager Ulf Berg says, “A lot of younger people study abroad. The Travel Cash allows parents to send them money when needed, while also making sure that their son or daughter isn’t overspending.”

For the under-26’s who take a gap year backpacking around the world, Travel Cash is ideal.
Travel Cash also features contactless payment, which means, for example, that if you’re taking the tube in London you can pay with your EuroBonus Travel Cash card in place of London Underground’s ‘Oyster Card’ – perfect for when you want to act like a local.

Additionally, you earn EuroBonus points every time you use Travel Cash. Abroad you earn ten points for every 100 SEK purchase, and domestically five points for every 100 SEK spent.
SAS has a long list of ‘firsts’ to show for. Euro­Bonus’ new feature Travel Cash is the first one in Europe, and to make sure that they stay ahead of the game SAS is fully future-proofing this service, with new features being added as payment systems develop.

Travel Cash will be launched in June, with select EuroBonus members automatically being offered the card.


Travel Cash Facts

If you choose to combine your EuroBonus card with MasterCard, you can also use Travel Cash, EuroBonus’ new feature. It’s easy to use, full of great benefits, and available in Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden to EuroBonus members aged 18 and above.

  • It’s prepaid: Control your spending by using only the money you load on the card, while reloading as often as you like.
  • Accepted worldwide: Use Travel Cash anywhere MasterCard is accepted, including ATMs worldwide. Remember, though, Travel Cash is not a credit card.
  • Earn miles: Get EuroBonus points every time you use your card for purchases: 10 points for every 100 SEK spent abroad, 5 points for every 100 SEK spent domestically.
  • Locked-in rates: Know and lock in the exchange rates for the various currencies you’ll be using on your travels.
  • Manage on the go: Easily transfer more ­money to your account while traveling via the app or site, and manage currency exchange as you need it.
  • Fully integrated: Travel Cash is fully integrated into your EuroBonus card, meaning you can, for example, still swipe when going through fast track and lounge.

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