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PRoCare® Service Agreement and SUCCESS STORY for Greencore Grocery, Leeds


In the food industry there is continual high pressure to produce more at a lower cost. As a result predictive and preventive maintenance is essential in keeping production running smoothly and to spot any potential disturbances in critical production equipment before you face major breakdowns or unplanned production stops.

Prior to 2012 Greecore Grocery, Leed, suffered frequent breakdowns due to a lack of well-functioning service support, and they needed to find a service partner who could reduce equipment failures and give them the reliability they were lacking.


In JBT FoodTech they found the solution: the PRoCARE service agreement.



Greencore Grocery, Leeds


Greencore Grocery is a leading UK manufacturer of private label and branded cooking sauces, pickles, frozen Yorkshire puddings, toad-in-the-hole, celebration cakes, Christmas cakes, and chilled desserts. The company operates three production sites, in Selby, Leeds, and Hull.


Greencore Grocery, Leeds operates three production lines with JBT FoodTech freezers, producing various types of Yorkshire pudding. The site produces over 200 thousand puddings per hour and holds a 45% share of the UK market. The factory operates 24/7 all year round, with the exception of an annual two-week overhaul shutdown.


Choosing PRoCARE®


Prior to 2012 Greencore Grocery, Leeds used a variety of service providers to maintain their equipment. During this time they experienced repeated problems with production reliability, and suffered frequent breakdowns as well as shortages in production. The problems peaked in 2011 when a major breakdown occurred.


JBT FoodTech was hired to repair and rebuild their equipment, and to get the production up and running again. As the service contract with the existing service provider came up for renewal the company decided to look for alternative solutions.


JBT FoodTech presented the benefits of the PRoCARE service agreement to Engineering Manager Willem Botha. Mr. Botha says, “Even though JBT FoodTech was more expensive I felt confident and was impressed by the JBT FoodTech team’s professionalism. I felt that we had to take this opportunity and sign a PRoCARE service agreement with JBT. What convinced the management was that two months after JBT had completed the service and repair project we hadn’t had a single breakdown.”


Greencore Grocery, Leeds signed a PRoCARE agreement with JBT FoodTech for all their freezers, including quarterly inspections and service visits, training food-grade Formula™ lubricant, critical Spare Parts, and an annual overhaul program.


Initially, JBT FoodTech’s technicians were on-site regularly to replace parts and get the equipment stabilized. This quickly reduced major failures on the equipment and unplanned downtime to a minimum.


Unplanned production stops are costly: aside from the directs costs of repairs there are costs from having production personnel standing idle, as well as the overtime labour required to make up for production and product loss.


Prior to singing PRoCARE Greencore Grocery, Leeds experienced production stops as a result of equipment breakdowns nearly every week. Now, with PRoCARE, the production has increased dramatically, a great deal of additional capacity has been added, and there is improved production flow.


Advantages with PRoCARE®


Greencore Grocery, Leeds signed the PRoCARE agreement in 2012. Mr. Botha explains the benefits the company has experienced: “It is a pleasure to work with these guys. I know clearly what will be done and why. Another big plus is how JBT interacts with my team. JBT actually takes the guys in and shows them how things need to be done.


“It is just that kind of way of working – JBT’s professionalism is quite highly for me. It’s not about the fancy reports and paperwork; it’s about the team that is coming in. They know the freezers inside and out. They understand the pressure I’m under and the factory, they are working with me and we’re actually working as a partnership together. That for me is PRoCARE.”


Mr Botha goes on to say, “I would rather pay a small amount of extra costs for JBT’s service team and know that I’ve got the confidence in the service provided and the security that the machine will run, rather than as it was before when we paid a little less money and were always on the edge of my seat. I know when choosing the JBT service team that the equipment will work, it will be 100% correct. There are no shortcuts just to get production up and running. It is money wisely spent.”


In comparison with earlier service providers JBT’s PRoCARE solution has reduced the total costs of lost time, service, parts and contractor intervention by 20-25% since implementation.


According to Mr. Botha besides getting the equipment running well another big advantage of PRoCARE is the consistency of always having the same people performing inspections as well as the follow up. The JBT FoodTech Service Technicians keep track of what was carried out during the previous inspection, resulting in continuously improved performance. The JBT FoodTech team is continually looking for the root cause of a problem in order to predict and prevent future failures.


“I will always use JBT FoodTech, as they deliver what they promise and give you peace of mind.”



These days, when the JBT team in called in it is not to solve something caused by poor maintenance. Instead, JBT helps sustain the equipment and as a result the production is also sustained. In comparison to earlier service providers JBT’s PRoCARE solution has reduced total costs of lost time, service, parts, and contractor intervention by 20-25% since implementation.


Greencore Grocery, Leeds sees PRoCARE as a platform for an ongoing partnership with JBT FoodTech, and for the continuous efforts to minimize downtime.


“JBT FoodTech stands for knowledge, reliability, commitment, service and equipment you can always rely on. I will always use JBT FoodTech as they deliver what they promised and get you peace of mind”, says Mr. Botha.


With PRoCARE® you get a good night’s sleep


PRoCARE is about making sure your equipment and production performs to the optimum level, while minimizing unplanned downtime. It’s a maintenance and operational partnership, which helps you to implement planned maintenance budgets that will save you money in the long-term by preventing unplanned repairs and production downtime.


Smart, purposeful and timely inspections are at the core of effective preventative maintenance. A JBT FoodTech supervisor will inspect each piece equipment unit regularly and according to the JBT standard inspection protocol – checking the condition and function to ensure that everything is as expected.


JBT offers two service levels, which can be further customized to fit your specific needs. The first level is foremost an inspection program, where mechanical and operational problems are identified. This level also includes customer training spare part discount, food-grade Formula™ lubricants and emergency service support.


The second level is a higher level of preventive and predictive maintenance, with regular overhauls to support your inspections, emergency parts on stock, and original-wear parts. The second level also has additional training for your personnel, which will help not only maintain but also increase the capacity from the equipment.


While you focus on growing your production and business JBT FoodTech will be keeping your equipment running at peak performance.


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