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Going global, events, Stock Sale continues, and cabbage!
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We’re going global!

Maya Hultgren Saksi has joined Fashion and Lifestyle entrepreneur Katarina Waldenström as Operations Manager in order to further establishment the company in both the Swedish and international markets. Maya Saksi comes from the cross-cultural communications agency Space 360 ​​AB, where she was COO. Previously, Maya was editor-in-chief at Swedish fashion trade journal Habit.“I love communication and building companies – and you can not build a company without being able to communicate. The values ​​of katarinawaldenstrom.com reflect my own: a sustainable collection without logos that stands the test of time. The collection is also a platform from which we can reach out with Woshare, an initiative that is integrated into the brand, where women provide support and tools to one another in order to build a sustainable existence,” 
explains Maya Saksi.

Katherine Waldenström delivers a timeless and sustainable collection that
fits easily into the varied and busy lifestyles of the contemporary urban woman.

“Sustainability is a key word for us. In addition to helping women build a wardrobe that does not need to be replaced every season, the company is dedicated to bringing sustainability to all aspects of the company, economy, and environment. Maya Saksi is a fantastic addition to the team.  Her background and experience will be key as we continue to build on sustainable structures in order to facilitate our growth in the market,” says founder and CEO Katarina Waldenström Lagerbielke.

The Katarina Waldenström collection is available both at our online webshop and our Stockholm showroom. You can also find Katarina Waldenström at select retailers.

The Katarina Waldenström Collection is designed to fully integrate into every woman’s wardrobe with ease and elegance.

Please visit katarinawaldenstrom.com for further information.

CEO Catherine Waldenstrom Lagerbielke: katarina@katarinawaldenstrom.com Mobile: 0708- 29 25 31
COO Maya Hultgen Saksi: maya@katarinawaldenstrom.com Mobile: 073-504 79 74


Kishti Tomita x 2

On June 2nd we Found Our Voice

Breathing effects not just your voice but also your body movements, feelings, and gestures. As women we are taught to breathe from our chests, instead of our stomachs. Short breaths lead to stress, while big,
deep breaths from our core bring a sense of calm.

Yawning is a stress release so when we cut off our yawns we increase our stress levels. Kishti says we need to embrace our yawns for full stress reduction.

It was a wonderful evening that was made possible only through the enormous efforts of Kishti, who brought her bountiful talents and charm to the event, giving everyone an opportunity to discover something new about themselves.

Our second event, Morning Meditation with Kishti, will take place June 4th at 7.30 am. The event promises to help recalibrate your morning routine so that the day that follows is mindful and fulfilling. We’ll be serving healthy smoothies –
perfect for an early morning boost.

Unfortunately this event is now full but to get updates on future events, including more with Kishti Tomita, follow us on Facebook or Twitter.


Stock Sale continues

Our Spring Stock Sale brought many new faces to the Katarina Waldenström Stockholm Showroom this month. It was a delight to meet so many
new people,as well as to say hello to old friends.

As we prepare for new arrivals, particularly the addition of silk to the collection, we have extended the Stock Sale through mid-summer, so be sure to take the chance to stop by, say hello, and add to your effortless and elegant summer wardrobe. Select opening hours are announced at the beginning of each week on both Facebook and Twitter. That’s also where you’ll find announcements about events and special offers.

The Linda Longsleeve, in a variety of colour options, is just one item that will take you from the yoga studio to the lunch table – or perhaps to your sofa for a relaxing evening with friends. Casual, comfortable – and now just 300 SEK.


Lovely, gorgeous, beneficial cabbage

You might be wondering how a glorious head of cabbage can inspire a clothing line. To my mind, there’s nothing more stylish and contemporary than a healthy woman who knows how to take care of herself, both for her own benefit and for those whom she loves – and I find that anything that contributes to us all being our best selves is something that helps me bring my best to both my life and my work.

For far too long cabbage was seen as the poor cousin of the vegetable family, seen as old-fashioned and tasteless. I’m happy to see that cabbage is now enjoying a resurgence in popularity, with its wide-ranging health benefits being newly discovered. Not only does cabbage (particularly when lightly steamed) lower cholesterol and act as an anti-inflammatory agent, it also has anti-cancer thiocyanates,
assisting in the detoxification of our bodies. 

While in the old days people tended to cook cabbage for hours until it was a grey puddle of mush, we know that the key to great food is great preparation – and this doesn’t have to be hard. Here’s a fantastic recipe that can be prepared in under 15 minutes and is so easy you will find it difficult to believe how great it tastes. 

Chinese Chicken Cabbage Salad

What you need:
500 g cabbage, thinly sliced
1 tbs virgin olive oil
1 tbs rice wine vinegar
1 tsp soy sauce
1 tbs minced fresh ginger
1 garlic clove, minced
2 tbs chopped coriander
Cooked chicken breast, thinly sliced

What you do:
Are you ready? Here’s what you do: toss all the above together thoroughly. And serve. It’s as simple as that. Super easy, this recipe will not only make your taste buds happy it will also leave you feeling refreshed and revitalised.

Jenny Åkervall

And finally, a warm thank you to Swedish author Jenny Åkervall. We were very pleased to host the book launch for her new novel På ditt samvete. The showroom was filled with so many wonderful visitors who all came together to celebrate Jenny’s talent and achievements. This book has people talking, so make sure to pick up a copy.


 Opening Hours

June 4  – 10 – 6 pm
June 5 – 10 – 4 pm

June 8 – 10 – 6 pm
June 9 – 10 – 6 pm
June 10 – 10 – 4 pm
June 11 – 10 – 6 pm
June 12 – 10 – 2 pm

June 15 – 10 – 6 pm
June 16 – 12 – 6 pm
June 17 – 11 – 6 pm
June 18 – 10 – 4 pm


The Katarina Waldenström Collection is a Stockholm, Sweden-based collection with a purpose, focused on
a sustainable and timeless elegance that slips seamlessly into every woman’s wardrobe.



Copyright © 2015 Katarina Waldenström, All rights reserved.
The Katarina Waldenström Lifestyle Collection is a Stockholm Sweden – based collection focused on timeless elegance that slips seamlessly into every woman’s wardrobe.Our mailing address is:

Katarina Waldenström

Torstenssonsgatan 12

Stockholm 114 56


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Goodbye summer, hello texture! And Morning Meditation is back.
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Summers are a time to relax, enjoy the longer days and perhaps catch up with old friends and family or discover a far-flung destination.

The KATARINA WALDENSTRÖM team is no different – some of us enjoyed the myriad delights of Sweden, while others revelled in discovering new places or revisiting old favourites…although, as you’ll see it wasn’t all play and no work!

No matter how your summer holidays were spent we hope you took
the time to focus on that all important self-care, which allows us to recharge our batteries and find space in which to excel.


Morning Mediation with Kishti Tomita at the KATARINA WALDENSTRÖM Showroom is a fabulously soothing way to start your day.  One hour before work and you’ll feel both revitalised and full of peace and calm – perfect when leading a busy life.

The class is held every Thursday at 7.30am is limited to ten people so be sure to pre-book with Kishti at: kitty@katarinawaldenstrom.com

Cost: 200 SEK


There are times when an icon transcends generations. Ali McGraw, nearly 5 decades after she first came to our attention, remains a harbinger of flawless style. Uniquely beautiful, oozing bohemian class and intelligence, Ali remains one of Katarina’s top style inspirations.

These days we seem to expose so much of ourselves, through social media and other ways. A polo, a scarf or a choker necklace are perfect for protecting the neck while remain classically stylish. That small bit of protection makes us feel more secure and full of integrity.
With her well-known simplicity and free spirit, Ali McGraw continues to set the bar for effortless elegance.




The word ‘velvety’ literally means ‘smooth like velvet’. When velvet is added to your wardrobe you’re adding a feeling of luxury, something just for yourself that will feel fabulous against your skin, giving you confidence in your look.

In September we are adding velvet to the KATARINA WALDENSTROM Collection. These pieces will have more of an edge, and will be offered in colours that combine well with the existing KW Collection – but that will also take you through your autumn cocktail parties with enormous style.


While we certainly took the time to unwind and re-energise ourselves during our summer break the media’s growing interest in the collection meant Katarina was kept busy.

Swedish newspaper Borås Tidningen featured Katarina, while Radio Sjuhärad hosted Katarina on their morning program. Both were wonderful opportunities
to share the benefits of the slow wardrobe and finding that space where you find peace as you build your closet mindfully.

Katrina also spoke about her woman-to-woman initiative, WOSHARE, sharing our philosophy of empowering and supporting all women.

A warm thank you to both Borås Tidning and Radio Sjuhärad for hosting us!



Reflect on your summer experiences, carrying the peace and mindfulness we hope you found into the coming months by joining us on Thursday mornings for Morning Meditation.

Enhance your wardrobe by adding the ultimate in luxury fabrics. Velvet is the perfect addition for those autumn and winter gatherings.

Stop by our showroom in Stockholm and say hello.

The Katarina Waldenström Collection is a Stockholm, Sweden-based collection with a purpose, focused on
sustainable and timeless elegance that slips seamlessly into every woman’s soul and wardrobe.

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Torstenssong.12 114 56 Stockholm Sweden /  + 46708292531 / katarina@katarinawaldenstrom.com / katarinawaldenstrom.com


Copyright © *2015* *KATARINAWALDENSTRÖM*, All rights reserved.

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March has been a fabulous month for us here at KATARINA WALDENSTRÖM. Our showroom has been visited by so many people during our select opening hours and we look forward to greeting more of you during April.  Our webshop has also seen so many new visitors and it’s been wonderful to have such great feedback.  This month I want to talk about inspiration and the important role it plays in every woman’s life, no matter where she is or what she is doing.

I believe most women are multi-faceted and thus influenced by many different areas in life. I’m no different. I find inspiration for my designs and my life in everything from tulips to art to the open road – and through so much more.

The most important thing that inspires me is mindfulness. It’s such an important word that has been inspiring me for so long, and while it encompasses many things I see it as an inspiration for our wardrobes – and thus my designs – as a way to make ourselves more sustainable, which is about as modern as one can be.

Below you’ll find just a few of the things that inspire me, as well as more information about the KW COLLECTION, our April opening hours and how you can become a part of the KW COLLECTIVE.

I love tulips. They are strong, clean, timeless, ageless. When the season arrives few things are more delightful than filling a room with beautiful tulips. 
I always photograph roads and open spaces because I think space is the foundation for creativity – space is needed to explore the power, strength, and creativity that we all posses.
Classic and clean styles bring peace to the wardrobe. Timeless and ageless, these styles have no target group: they can be anyone.  You cannot label the person who wears these clothes, which ooze style. 
Copyright © 

Art allows my thoughts to flow, gives me space, and inspires me. Performance artist Marina Abramovic in particular is an incredible inspiration, in particular her show, ‘The Artist is Present’ at MOMA, which was captured in the documentary of the same name. Seeing her presence and sense of self as she laboured through hours, days, weeks, and months of sitting silently whilst taking and giving strength to those who joined her in her performance moved me deeply and took my understanding of mindfulness to another level. 

The KATARINA WALDENSTRÖM Showroom will continue to be open during select hours.  Additionally, members of the KW COLLECTIVE receive discounts, monthly offers, invitations to exclusive events and so much more. The KW COLLECTIVE is where women come together to support other women. Join us in giving each other strength.

Because so many of you have been with me on this journey from the beginning I am offering a 25% discount on all items in the shop. Just mention the promo code LOYAL and you will be rewarded.

Love, KW

Select opening hours this week:

Tuesday 24 March 10-15
Wednesday 25 March 13-18


114 56 Stockholm Sweden
+ 46708292531

The Katarina Waldenström Lifestyle Collection is a Stockholm Sweden – based collection with a purpose, focused on timeless elegance that slips seamlessly into every woman’s wardrobe.

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