Katarina Waldenström – Newsletter #7


Summers are a time to relax, enjoy the longer days and perhaps catch up with old friends and family or discover a far-flung destination.

The KATARINA WALDENSTRÖM team is no different – some of us enjoyed the myriad delights of Sweden, while others revelled in discovering new places or revisiting old favourites…although, as you’ll see it wasn’t all play and no work!

No matter how your summer holidays were spent we hope you took
the time to focus on that all important self-care, which allows us to recharge our batteries and find space in which to excel.


Morning Mediation with Kishti Tomita at the KATARINA WALDENSTRÖM Showroom is a fabulously soothing way to start your day.  One hour before work and you’ll feel both revitalised and full of peace and calm – perfect when leading a busy life.

The class is held every Thursday at 7.30am is limited to ten people so be sure to pre-book with Kishti at: kitty@katarinawaldenstrom.com

Cost: 200 SEK


There are times when an icon transcends generations. Ali McGraw, nearly 5 decades after she first came to our attention, remains a harbinger of flawless style. Uniquely beautiful, oozing bohemian class and intelligence, Ali remains one of Katarina’s top style inspirations.

These days we seem to expose so much of ourselves, through social media and other ways. A polo, a scarf or a choker necklace are perfect for protecting the neck while remain classically stylish. That small bit of protection makes us feel more secure and full of integrity.
With her well-known simplicity and free spirit, Ali McGraw continues to set the bar for effortless elegance.




The word ‘velvety’ literally means ‘smooth like velvet’. When velvet is added to your wardrobe you’re adding a feeling of luxury, something just for yourself that will feel fabulous against your skin, giving you confidence in your look.

In September we are adding velvet to the KATARINA WALDENSTROM Collection. These pieces will have more of an edge, and will be offered in colours that combine well with the existing KW Collection – but that will also take you through your autumn cocktail parties with enormous style.


While we certainly took the time to unwind and re-energise ourselves during our summer break the media’s growing interest in the collection meant Katarina was kept busy.

Swedish newspaper Borås Tidningen featured Katarina, while Radio Sjuhärad hosted Katarina on their morning program. Both were wonderful opportunities
to share the benefits of the slow wardrobe and finding that space where you find peace as you build your closet mindfully.

Katrina also spoke about her woman-to-woman initiative, WOSHARE, sharing our philosophy of empowering and supporting all women.

A warm thank you to both Borås Tidning and Radio Sjuhärad for hosting us!



Reflect on your summer experiences, carrying the peace and mindfulness we hope you found into the coming months by joining us on Thursday mornings for Morning Meditation.

Enhance your wardrobe by adding the ultimate in luxury fabrics. Velvet is the perfect addition for those autumn and winter gatherings.

Stop by our showroom in Stockholm and say hello.

The Katarina Waldenström Collection is a Stockholm, Sweden-based collection with a purpose, focused on
sustainable and timeless elegance that slips seamlessly into every woman’s soul and wardrobe.

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