Race For The Baltic – HELCOM Press Release

For immediate release

Swedish Entrepreneur Niklas Zennström to present RACE FOR THE BALTIC’s petition to HELCOM 3 October 2013

On 3 October in Copenhagen, Niklas Zenström, representing RACE FOR THE BALTIC, will be presenting the campaign petition to HELCOM. The RACE FOR THE BALTIC petition represents the more than 25 thousand people from across the Baltic Region who are demanding that their governments honour their commitments to return the Baltic Sea to health.


RACE FOR THE BALTIC’s 2013 campaign across the 9 Baltic region countries visited more than 70 towns and cities, covered 3700 KM, and gathered more than 25 thousand signatures from members of the public. RACE FOR THE BALTIC                      worked with nearly 100 partners across the region, with business interests widely represented. During the campaign it became abundantly clear that the future economic and business development of the region is dependent on a healthy and thriving Baltic Sea.

RACE FOR THE BALTIC’S petition has three asks:

  • REVIVE the biological diversity of the Baltic Sea with Marine Protected Areas
  • RECOVER natural fish stocks, ensuring long-term sustainability
  • RESTORE water quality by reducing the amount of agricultural run-offs

The Baltic Sea is one of the most polluted seas in the world and time is running out to reverse the negative trends. HELCOM provides an opportunity for the countries surrounding the Baltic Sea to not just promise to take action but to commit to following through on these promises. In other words, it’s imperative that we see clear and concise action in returning the Baltic Sea to health.

As yet we have seen few examples of Baltic Sea countries or their politicians taking a stand and representing the desires of the constituents. In fact, it’s been just the opposite, with 2013 seeing the earliest appearance of algae bloom in Baltic Sea history.

RACE FOR THE BALTIC’S 2013 campaign our team spent 3 months travelling across the 9 countries, studying the states of the Baltic Sea while speaking with concerned citizens, politicians and business leaders. The campaign made one thing very clear: the people of the Baltic region are not going to accept more platitudes; they want action and they want action now.

RACE FOR THE BALTIC, represented by Swedish entrepreneur Niklas Zennström, will present the petition to HELCOM 3 October, with clear demans to move forward in returning the Baltic Sea to a state of health, both for the people of the region as well as the future economic well-being.




raceforthebaltic.com / facebook.com/RacefortheBaltic / twitter.com/Race4theBaltic


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