When it comes to Restaurang Clou one might say the devil is in the details. From the signature drinks menu to a carefully curated menu of globally influenced dishes, this is the sort of eatery that will make your tastebuds giggle with delight. Clou is also the kind of place that will have you asking to see the menu one more time before you leave. Why? So that you can see what you might try next time, because there is little doubt you’ll be making a return visit.

ViewStockholm suggests starting at the bar, where you can sample one of Clou’s signature drinks, made with fresh juices, homemade syrups, and fruit purees, along with fresh herbs. Try a Bonnie & Clyde (gin, strawberry, thyme, lemon & fizzy bubbles) or perhaps go for an old favourite with a twist: the Legendary Daiquiri will both satisfy and surprise you.

Once you move to the dining room more surprises await. The menu is created from seasonal ingredients, with global influences weaving their way through each dish – so while Lax Tartar (Salmon Tartar), Oxfilé Carpaccio (Beef Carpaccio) or Bakat Ankbröst (Baked Duck Breast) might sound like standard fare they are anything but. The kitchen perfectly marries a medley of fresh ingredients with unusual or unexpected accents, lifting the ordinary to extraordinary.

While the menu is not divided into starters and mains you can mix and match as you see fit. This is where the highly knowledgeable staff shines. They know each dish intimately and are more than happy to offer suggestions, based on your tastes and desires, while also recommending the perfect complimentary wine or cocktail.

Desserts are also an exercise in taking something you’ve seen before, such as Äppleparfait (Apple Parfait), and turning it into an adventure. Just imagine thin slices of apple marinated in aquavit (Swedish vodka) sitting alongside a creamy parfait atop an almond crumble, with accents of cinnamon foam and calvados caramel.

The sleek modern interior is complimented by floor to ceiling windows, filling the room with light and giving a unique view of bustling city life. Modern art scattered along the walls and steam punk candles on the tables add an edge, while a well-calibrated soundtrack provides the perfect bed of sound to keep the room lively, yet conversation private.

Retaurang Clou, located just minutes from Stockholm’s Central Station, is a sensory sensation, offering a delightful marriage of textures and flavours using seasonal ingredients. Throw in some wildly interesting global influences and the result a feast for your palette.

Lunch is also served, with the dagensrätt (set lunch menu) offering a choice between 2 meats, 2 fishes, and 2 vegetarian dishes, with salad, bread, coffee or tea, and a cookie included.

Dinner reservations are recommended, particularly at the weekend.

What: Restaurant and Bar
Where: Stockholm, near Central Station
Features: Fresh seasonal ingredients with a global influence
Don’t miss: The signature drinks menu. Owner Detrich Willes has crafted each drink specially for Clou
Guests: Strong amongst Stockholmers, with tourists just beginning to discover it.
Price level: Dinner: 135 – 185 SEK; Set lunch: 115 SEK