Stop the Presses! Old People have sex!



I was reading an article the other day that talked about the rise of STDs among the senior set. Before I was even a quarter of the way through I started wondering how many of the reader’s comments would be along the lines of ‘Ewwww…old folks having sex? With their saggy balls and droopy tits?  Ewwww!’.  I was happily surprised that aside from a few comments along those lines most readers were either admiring the get up and go of the Olds, or else discussing with great humour how Viagra has changed the game at the old age home.

The article quoted various experts as saying that retirement communities are now akin to Animal House, with aging, raging hormones in full swing. My happiness increased when I read that because I can’t imagine reaching an age where sex would not be a part of my life. Of course, there may come a time when I’d rather the lights off than the lights on but then again, maybe I won’t. Maybe, by the time I get old enough to consider entering a retirement community, I’ll also be old enough to know my value is not just in the physical picture but also lies in all the other things I have to offer: years of experience in all areas of life, including those of the sexual variety. I feel that way now and let’s hope a few wrinkles, sags and droopy bits don’t stand in the of me fully enjoying my old age.

Anyway, the STDs. It would seem that only 6% of seniors use condoms and as a result both chlamydia and syphilis are on the rise.  The older set obviously don’t have to worry about pregnancy and perhaps they think that disease won’t effect them at their age. Either way, they’re not using condoms and they’re putting their health at risk in not doing so. They’re also not taking advantage of the free testing on offer and so don’t usually find out that they’re infected with an STD until the symptoms get serious or it’s picked up during checks for other things.

So seniors, I’m very happy to know that there will be loads of sex in my later years (fingers crossed!) but please do wear a condom and get yourself checked regularly. And if any young person pulls the ‘ewwwww…’ thing on you? Laugh at them as you go in for a deep, passionate kiss. They’ll be old themselves one day and it’s up to you to set a good example for the younger generation.


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