Top LGBT Spots in Stockholm

Whether you’re looking for love, fun or just want to mingle with your LGBT friends, here are the top five spots in Stockholm.


Stockholm has a thriving LGBT scene but the most fabulous thing about the city’s scene is that everyone, no matter your sexual orientation, is welcome.  Judi Lembke takes a look at the best places to fly the rainbow flag, whether it’s for a great dinner or a night of dancing your feet off. 

1. Torget 

This Old Town club opened in 2000 and quickly became a fixture on the gay scene. Offering a decent menu that includes starters, great mains, limited bar snacks and some interesting desserts, Torget also has a DJ on duty Friday and Saturday until 1AM.  DJ Leo B is a fixture every Friday and you’ll also find live music on a regular basis.

Where: Mälartorget 13, Gamla Stan

2. Sidetrack 

Located on Stockholm’s Southside, Sidetrack not only offers a strong menu at reasonable prices it’s also been one of the city’s top gay hotspots for more than 15 years.  Besides the food there’s a variety of entertainment throughout the week, including quiz night, music, and specialty evenings – including the always popular Ginger Pride.  This is one hangout where there’s always something going on and where you’re sure to find a good time.

Where: Wollmar Yxkullsgatan 7, Södermalm

3. Paradise Garage          

Another entry from Södermalm, Paradise is more club than pub – in fact it’s considered Stockholm’s biggest gay club and is part of a multi-city party, where Paradise takes over Kollingsborg on Friday nights for a multi-floor experience. The most glamorous place to get your drink is at the Red Bar just above the main floor and you’ll find different styles of music wherever you wander.  Definitely the premier party place for the LGBT crowd on Friday nights in Stockholm.

Where: Södermalmstorg/Katarinavägen

4. Zipper 

This award-winning club took a hiatus but is back: bigger, better and with more wild fun than ever. The club, open on Friday and Saturday nights, throws open its doors at 11pm and then the party goes on until the wee hours (4AM to be exact).  This is not the place for the gawker crowd; this is where you go to fly your rainbow flag any way you want to.

Where: St Eriksgatan 51

5. Patricia’s

Who would have thought one of the oldest gay clubs in the world would pop up on a boat on Södermalm on a Sunday night?  Well, believe it because Patricia’s is a Stockholm institution: you’ll find multiple bars, dance floors, a restaurant and even a casino on this multi-level vessel. Sweden’s legendary Babson is a regular host and you’ll find theme nights scattered throughout the calendar.

Where: Stadsgårdskajan 152

Note that most clubs charge an entrance fee, between 100 and 200 SEK.  Check ahead for prices and times, which are subject to change.


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