Top Spots for Sledding in Stockholm


The snow has arrived with a vengeance and if sliding down a hill at top speed with no brakes is your idea of fun – check out these great spots for sledding in Stockholm!

sleddingmain Top Spots for Sledding in Stockholm


Located just two blocks from Odenplan the hill at Vasaparken is one of the best in the city. It’s wide, it’s long and it’s fast. It also has a fabulous ice skating rink at the foot of the hill and one of Stockholm’s finest cafés, Ritorno, is just around the corner.

Closest Metro station: Odenplan


Another one in the middle of the city, Observatorielunden is built for speed. Take the tunnelbana to Rådmansgatan and start climbing.  There are two extras at this one: the fabulous Observatory at the top and the café, Himlavalvet, selling waffles at the bottom.

Closest Metro station: Rådmansgatan or Odenplan


Tucked deep in Södermalm Tanto can be reached by taking the tunnelbana to Zinkensdamm.  There are two slopes to choose from: a very good one at Tantogården and another, smaller one at Zinkensdamm IP.

Closest Metro station: Zinkensdamm


This one is just outside the city centre, at Liljeholmen. Take the tunnelbana to Liljeholmen and it’s a few minutes walk from the station – just follow everyone else dragging sleds!

Closest Metro station: Liljeholmen


This has a gentle slope that is best suited to the younger and/or less daring. You can reach Humlegården by taking the tunnelbana to Östermalmstorg and walk up Sturegatan towards Karlavägen.  There’s also a large playground where often sleds are free to use, as long as you return them. Plenty of cafés are scattered around the surrounding area so plenty of places to warm up with a cup of hot chocolate.

Closest Metro station: Östermalmstorg


You can reach this short, fast hill in the middle of Kungsholmen by taking the tunnelbana to either Rådhuset or Fridemsplan.  There’s a playground for the kids and because it’s central it’s just a short walk to grab a fika.

Closest Metro station: Rådhuset or Fridemsplan


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