What to get the woman in your life for Christmas


So you’re stuck, wondering what to buy your mum/sister/BFF for Christmas? At YLC HQ, we put our heads together and came up with our top five. You’re welcome!

We’re here to help you buy the perfect gift for that special woman in your life … even if you’ve left it a tad late! Or why not treat yourself – because we all know that after running around for weeks we deserve a little something special as well. So, what better time to pamper either ourselves or someone we love dearly. Here’s five of the best!

1. Wine tasting

So everyone’s been running around, getting the shopping done, finishing up those last projects at work, trying to decorate the home with festive good cheer and we’re tired, maybe a bit cranky and in need of some relaxation. Systembolaget, the state liquor monopoly, offers wine tasting gift certificates, with several options available, including a private wine tasting session. Say what you want about Ye Oldee Systemet but they know their wine and this is a great gift to be used in January when the post-holiday blues hit.

2. A Night at the Opera

Stockholm’s Royal Opera House is not just visually stunning, it also offers up some of the best opera in northern Europe. If you’ve got a music lover in the family the Opera offers a variety of gift certificates, from season passes to a set currency amount that can be used to buy individual tickets. If you really want to go all out, why not give two tickets to a particular performance, then book your loved one into dinner at Café Opera, giving them the perfect night out (which they might just ask you to join! EVERYBODY WINS!).

3. Dining in the Dark

We’ve all heard the complaints about the long dark winters in Stockholm and probably joined in ourselves but someone in your life – maybe even you – secretly loves the lack of light and, in fact, likes it so much that the idea of Dining in the Dark sounds like the perfect evening out. They say you can only truly taste food if you’re not seeing it and here’s the perfect chance to test that theory while having an enormous amount of fun doing it.

4. Insta-marshmallows

So your best friend is an Instagram addict, posting pictures of every event in her life, particularly each and every meal she sits down to? Here’s a fun way to combine the two: Instagram Marshmallows! This company will print Instragram photos right on the sticky sweetness in an entirely edible way, which should make the sweet-toothed social media lover in your life very happy indeed.

5. Pamper Pack

A bit of personal pampering after the holidays will never go wrong but sometimes a gift certificate to one of the spas is beyond the budget. Here’s a great alternative: The Pamper Pack from Bluebox.se, a mixed bag of pampering products, including a calming face mask, a hair pack and some soothing foot cream. It’s well within budget and might just be the perfect gift for the hard working lady in your life.


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